[AMRadio] I just got an OO card

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Oct 18 18:13:50 EDT 2013

From: "Mike Sawyer" <w3slk at verizon.net>
" I got one once for operating on 40M at 7.290. He cited me for transmitting
with a carrier! I actually called him up to clarify the issue. 
He told me I was not allowed to have a carrier on my signal. After
explaining that I was running AM, he still insisted that a carrier was
forbidden. I hung up and realized, "You just can't fix stupid!"

I once got one of those too, sometime back in the 1980s. I likewise figured
I couldn't fix stupid, so I didn't even bother to reply. The card said that
my "SSB" signal had a strong carrier, and then went on to cite the FCC rule
he thought I was violating.

But the best one ever wasn't from an OO. A dead-air group that had attempted
to set up shop over the summer on 1888 was freaking out over the AM activity
that suddenly appeared on 1885 as soon as the summer static began to
subside. One night I had just finished a QSO with Tom, W4UOC in Atlanta. Tom
was running a DX-100 and I was running my homebrew KW. I briefly listened on
frequency after Tom and I had finished, and heard one of the SSB ops say,
"The guy in Atlanta was running  regular AM. But that guy up in TN was
running AM and sideband at the same time! I don't know how he does it, but
I'm pretty sure that's illegal."

Don k4kyv

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