[AMRadio] I just got an OO card.

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Fri Oct 18 21:30:01 EDT 2013

That is great Don, and I can't think of anyone more deserving.  This
subject is close to me, as I am the OOC (official observer coordinator) for
my ARRL section.  I am very protective of the AM operations on the bands.
We/I encourage the "good op" cards more than we ever have, and I know more
gentlemen on AM that deserve what you got than most any of those on other

Anyway, congrats.  I remember (years ago) when some OO's sent cards to
AM'ers because they had a carrier and two sidebands!  The criteria these
days for passing that test to become an OO are hard and tricky, as it
should be.

Brian / w5ami

On Fri, Oct 18, 2013 at 1:05 PM, Donald Chester <k4kyv at charter.net> wrote:

> This morning when I picked up the mail, I noticed an Official Observer
> notice. My first thought was "Oh crap, what now?" I figured it was for
> running over the 10-minute ID limit, or allegedly transmitting a "wide"
> signal.
> But turned out it was a "Good Operator Report".  I was talking with Kevin,
> WB0JZG on 3885 a couple of late-nights ago. The report said I was 59+60.
> "This OO has noted your EXCELLENT radio signal quality/operating procedure
> as a fine example for all radio amateurs... A pleasure to hear your
> outstanding, high fidelity audio!... This Observer thanks you for your
> excellent example of good amateur practice for others in the amateur radio
> service. Keep up the good work."
> Don k4kyv
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