[AMRadio] .02 replacement cap

james.liles at comcast.net james.liles at comcast.net
Mon Oct 21 23:37:05 EDT 2013

Hi Barry:

I have looked at the hayseedhamfest web site but haven't seen individual 
film capacitors.  They have a superb reputation and if Polypropylene caps 
are available from their stock I'll be buying from them.

Thanks for the heads up and a great day to you.

Kindest regards Jim K9AXN

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I buy all my caps at hayseedhamfest.com


> On Oct 21, 2013, at 5:56 PM, james.liles at comcast.net wrote:
> BTW Joe, the 1600v .02uf caps at Justradios are Polypropylene which has 
> the same properties as Mica or Class 1 Ceramic ---- best there is.
> Kindest regards Jim K9AXN
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> I am replacing a a paper tubular cap in a Johnson Ranger. It is .02 uf, 
> 1600v (c69). I had an orange drop film cap on hand but that will not work 
> as it causes hum on the TX audio.
> Anyone have a proper replacement or a source? Tried the usual (mouser, 
> antique supply) with no luck.
> Joe

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