[AMRadio] .02 replacement cap

Joe Roth wc4r at usa.com
Wed Oct 23 07:50:11 EDT 2013

1. The hum was unrelated. It was simply a bad contact on the 12AX7 tube socket. 
2. I liked the audio response without the cap (better high end responce); looked better on the scope.
For fun I experimented with the orange drop cap and it works fine positioned either way (not polarity sensitive). Mark, SMB was correct. 
Good dialog & insight. Thanks.
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Great info guys. I will just remove the cap and see what the audio responce is like first. There was a 'foil side' on the original paper cap so maybe reversing the orange drop leads will help if the audio highs are too much without the cap in line. Not sure why the hum appeared, may be unrelated. And thanks for the justradios & hayseed supply sources - forgot all about them. 73

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