[AMRadio] Band plan poster

CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 30 10:52:24 EDT 2013

Well, if this is an accurate document, then the 'here we go again' comment is true.  You can bet the ARRL will be teats on a boar useless defending AM.   As to the messenger, he has HE20 in his email which I think is an old Lafayette CB rig.  You have to give them credit though, if you have youtubed any of the CB amplifier projects, you realize there is a lot of skill out there, circuits and construction that are non-existant in hamdom publications.  One fellow has a beautifully built linear amp, a 4X150 driving a 4CX5000.  With 4 watts of drive, his hard line to the antenna has a bird meter and 10KW slug with the meter showing 6500 watts out.  Apparently, the FCC could care less as long as hams or public service radio systems don't complain.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC

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