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Wed Oct 30 20:20:52 EDT 2013

Based on the structure of their table, for 160 meters, you can only
operate AM with a bandwidth of 2700 Hz. The (*) in the bandwidth field
allowing AM with a maximum of 6 KHz is missing. It's been this way in the
last several iterations of the Region 2 Band Plan. Even after being told
several times over the years, they just can't seem to get this one right.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Wed, 30 Oct 2013 19:17:10 -0400 "Bill Ramsey" <ka8wtk at ohio.net>
>   I don't think AM was omitted. There is a section for "All Modes" 
> in the
> 160 bandplan, but it still is nothing I need to follow. The IARU did 
> not
> grant my license, the FCC did and they have told me what I can 
> operate and
> where.
> Bill KA8WTK

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