Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 22:18:23 EDT 2013

I am not sure what IARU region I'm in, (and don't really care) but I
happen to know the IARU is really nothing more than a group of
national ham radio association representatives who get together
occasionally to draft all sorts of "if I could dream, this is what I'd
have" documents,
 while they show each other how self-important they are.  They'd like
for everyone to assume they have some official connection with the UN
and ITU but they really don't.  They're just observers with input like
anyone else.   Anything they draft, is just a dreamer document--the
FCC is who counts in the U.S.

I see in that pdf file, they limit AM to 6 kc.  Nice try.  Remember
when [someone] tried to do that before?    Hard numerical bandwidth
limits are easy to talk about but when it comes to actual rules that
mean something, then we're talking about measurement and enforcement
which is a whole new  ballgame.

There are a few stuffed shirts who just can't let go of AM-hate and
get over the last bandwidth rule attempt.

I see they also want to micromanage which sideband upper or lower ssb use.

I wonder if there is any conflict between its digital transmission
policies and the ARRL's petition for a FCC NPRM on deleting the symbol
rate etc.
(I don't know what a "symbol rate" is so don't ask me, thanks.)

>Based on the structure of their table, for 160 meters, you can only
>operate AM with a bandwidth of 2700 Hz. The (*) in the bandwidth field
>allowing AM with a maximum of 6 KHz is missing. It's been this way in the
>last several iterations of the Region 2 Band Plan. Even after being told
>several times over the years, they just can't seem to get this one right.

What makes you think they want to get it right?  Or maybe they think
that currently, they have it right!



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