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Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Oct 30 23:07:38 EDT 2013

Down in our part of the world very few people operate AM on 160.  I have 
tried in the past to get some activity stirred up to no avail.  I can hear 
some stations East of Old Muddy on 1.885 but, for the most part, they are 
weak here.  The stations on 1.985 are stronger but again some of them are 

I don't wish to get into a conversation unless I can hear all stations so 
that means I stay silent most of the time unless I have a schedule.  There 
is a bunch in the mornings that operate near 1.917 that are located in the 
Colorado, Nebraska area three times per week but that is all.

In the past few years a lot of SSB stations have begun to populate the band 
and on quite nights they are almost every 3 KC.  You guys get up good 
antennas for this winter.  It is a great band when things are quite or when 
the propagation is good.  We shall see what this year holds.


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>I heard Joe calling CQ one night last winter on 160 and for some
> reason, could not come back to him and very much regret it as I have
> never worked him.   I'd like to talk to him about his Temco rig with
> the 4-65 final.
> I am experimenting with small low noise (I hope) rx antennas for 160.
> Sadly we lost Bill KD0HG who was one of a few with a big signal on
> 160.   Being almost part of the AM broadcast band, I have always
> considered 160 to be THE band for AM and heavy metal rigs.
> Rob
> K5UJ

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