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Absolutely, it pays to write and write often. If you have any issues,
concerns, upsets, boggled mind, confusion, or other mentality disturbing
issues with ARRL policy, rules, their direction, the IARU, their future
plans, or just amateur radio in general, write (or e-mail) the Director
and Vice-Director in your Division. Todays Directors and Vice-Directors
are just as receptive to non-ARRL members as they are to members.  Given
the volume of e-mail they receive on a daily basis you may not always get
a prompt return but they generally will get back to you in time. Remember
all Directors and Vice-Directors are unpaid volunteers and also have
their own lives to live. For a list of all current Directors and
Vice-Directors, go here: http://www.arrl.org/divisions If you don't know
what Division you're in, look at the map.

And as a side note, I've been told that at least two Directors and at
least two or three Vice-Directors are now dabbling in the AM mode, when
they have the time to actually operate. There are also several ARRL
staffers who are also active AM operators. Any BS that the ARRL is
anti-AM is purely hogwash. Being anti-AM couldn't be further from the
truth in today's amateur radio world.

Back 50 years ago, the modes typically were CW, AM, SSB, RTTY, SSTV, and
maybe one or two diddle-diddle modes. Today we have modes coming out of
our ears and new ones keep popping up all the time. The ARRL and all the
international radio associations are trying to keep a delicate balance
with all radio amateurs (U.S. and international) and their mode(s) of
choice and the limited frequencies we have to operate on.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Thu, 31 Oct 2013 17:30:45 -0500 "Jim Wilhite" <w5jo at brightok.net>
> In the last go around about AM in the ARRL I wrote my division 
> representatives and they both supported what we want.  There were 
> some 
> virulent hold outs on the subject but just a couple of the 
> divisions.  It 
> wasn't much of a cat fight but enough that the ARRL published a poll 
> for the 
> general population
> The result of the poll was overwhelming in that they dropped their 
> proposal. 
> So approach your division director and vice director if something 
> comes up 
> and see what happens.
> Jim
> W5JO
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