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Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Tue Apr 1 09:06:41 EDT 2014

Folks this narrative Don relates happened some years back when messages from 
Mailman.QTH was put on a spam list for excessive messages.  It happens when 
you use email accounts that are web based, which is what Hotmail, MSN and 
Live are.

What happens is you have your contact list on their server.  If you check 
your email then forget to sign out spammers will have access to your 
account.  They will then harvest your contact list and use it to send 
messages that are recognized as spam.  When a provider receives so many 
complaints or when they recognize the messages are spam they look at the 
origin and put that sending company on a spam list.  That list is used by 
several providers so it is spread over other email box providers for action.

There are a some easy solutions to help prevent spammers from getting your 
contact list.  First, be sure after you finish using your email program, 
Sign off.  Second, keep your contact list somewhere else rather than on MSN, 
Hotmail or other people's server.  Lastly, change your password from time to 
time, usually every three months is adequate, but if someone hacks your 
account change it immediately.

Don takes other steps, one of which, is he uses his word processing program 
to compose his message then copies and pastes it into his email message 
body.  If I am not mistaken he also keeps his contact list in his word 
processor program and copies and pastes them to the message.  There are 
other measures he uses but I will let him tell you if you are interested.

I have a Yahoo account and a Gmail account both.  I do not have any contacts 
in their address book for that reason and because, frankly, I don't trust 
them.  Think of the money they could make if they sell the lists.  While 
they may have a policy against selling the list or not is immaterial.  They 
can always change their policy at any time.  Also, I use one of them 
strictly for this list and the other for a lot of other things that require 
me give an email address.  By doing that, I prevent spam or advertising from 
my personal account.

You might consider opening another account strictly for your email 
reflectors such as this one.  Then go into your account on QTH and change 
the address of record so all of your messages go into that account.  Do not 
put the address for posting to those lists on their server, keep it on your 
machine and copy and paste it to the address field when you want to send or 
answer a message.

At my last count there were over 25 people who were automatically 
unsubscribed because when AM Radio sent messages and the messages were 
blocked by the provider who bounced them back to AM Radio.  The mailman 
program will automatically unsubscribe you if there are excessive bounced 

Give some though to how you handle your email.  Scott, the person who owns 
the server for AM Radio is attempting to fix the problem, but is it a 
waiting game until the right person at Microsoft comes down from the 
mountain.  Running all these lists is a time consuming task, so if you can 
please donate to him:


Thanks to all for participating.



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Years ago I had to switch my list membership from my Hotmail account to my
ISP account because the server would no longer accept my posts using
Hotmail. Then, about a year ago posts from my ISP account started bouncing
because they "looked like SPAM".   I think Jim tweaked something so they
would get through, but he said that might create some new problems, I forget
what, maybe a time delay, but it's worked fine ever since.

Don k4kyv


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