[AMRadio] Recent subscription problems

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Apr 20 15:45:56 EDT 2014

I am resending this as it appears some people did not receive it.


Hi all, 

Recently we have had a real problem with bounced messages which caused mass un-subscriptions  on the reflector.  These happened through no fault of you or the list but the result of Yahoo actions.  Below is a discussion of the problem and what you can do to prevent further problems.

If you personally know anyone who was unsubscribed then pass this to them.  I realize this is a pain but Yahoo is the cause of the trouble.  I have had an email account with Yahoo for years and it has become a pain, so much so that I don’t use it for much anymore.  

Remember it is best that you not keep your email address list on Yahoo or any web based email program (SBC, Hotmail, etc.) for they are very subject to hacking attempts.  

I still suggest you put them in a word processing program on your computer then simply copy them into the TO field in Yahoo.  In fact one member I know even writes his posts in his word processing program then copies it to the message fiend in the email client message body.  This change will require you to do some things differently, so read the directions.

73, all

Recent actions by Yahoo have caused a large amount of bounced email
and automatic unsubscribes from contesting.com email lists. If you
want to read the gory details go here:


This afternoon I upgraded the list software on the mailman.qth.net
email server to hopefully eliminate the issue.  The main side effect
is this:

If the sender of a message is coming from Yahoo or one of the domains
that Yahoo controls you will notice a few different things about those
messages when they go to the list:

- Messages will appear to come from a munged email address not
belonging to the sender.  If the sender has his name set in his email
client or on the list server then messages will appear to come from a
user appearing like this in the From field: "Firstname Lastname via
LISTNAME" or something similar.

- The poster's email is preserved and appears in the Reply-To field.
SO to reply to the list, the poster will have to specifically select
Reply All in his email client in order for his response to go to the
entire list.  In some cases this represents no change.  This is
probably a safer setting and avoids embarrassment for those who can't
resist being nasty and vindictive in their emails.

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