[AMRadio] Large Solar Flare

Steve WA1QIX wa1qix at piesky.com
Fri Apr 25 14:38:20 EDT 2014

Hi Bob,

Is the den/shack a shared space (in other words, does the XYL use 
this space)?  I can say for myself, I could not share my shack with 
my xyl - no way, no way, no way.  The shack is messy and sometimes 
dangerous, often noisy and definitely NOT chick friendly in any way.

Anyway, you probably need your own space.  Now, if this *is* your 
space, that's different.  Does she have her own space as well?  That 
kind of works out pretty well.  Then the rest of the house is of 
course shared space as it should be.

I have no particular sage advise in this area.  My xyl isn't thrilled 
about the "shack" mostly because it is very messy, but it's better 
than hanging out at bars :-).

Good luck with it!

Regards,  Steve

At 12:25 PM 4/25/2014, you wrote:
>Yesterday a large solar flare interrupted HF communications.
>That region will rotate out of Earth's sight soon.
>I've only been able to receive, as the Shack still isn't up to snuff.
>I really want to get the T-213 up and going as soon as I can. It's a 
>bit of a dispute between the XYL and I.
>I'm tired of her futzing around with the Den/Shack!
>Bob - N0DGN
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