[AMRadio] Large Solar Flare

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Fri Apr 25 13:48:37 EDT 2014


Yes, it *is* a shared space.  However, it is also 24 X 27 feet in size.  
There is more or less a natural barrier in the construction. The columns 
that support the main steel beam are enclosed in a framed and covered form.

She has use of it, but our schedules are very different.  She works the 
night shift and sleeps during the day.

I have a little less than half allocated to my "shack".  It doesn't 
bother her one bit.

I just want her to stop adding to the *past* renovation, and let me get 
sort of back to normal.

Bob - N0DGN

On 4/25/2014 2:38 PM, Steve WA1QIX wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> Is the den/shack a shared space (in other words, does the XYL use this 
> space)?  I can say for myself, I could not share my shack with my xyl 
> - no way, no way, no way.  The shack is messy and sometimes dangerous, 
> often noisy and definitely NOT chick friendly in any way.
> Anyway, you probably need your own space.  Now, if this *is* your 
> space, that's different.  Does she have her own space as well? That 
> kind of works out pretty well.  Then the rest of the house is of 
> course shared space as it should be.
> I have no particular sage advise in this area.  My xyl isn't thrilled 
> about the "shack" mostly because it is very messy, but it's better 
> than hanging out at bars :-).
> Good luck with it!
> Regards,  Steve

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