[AMRadio] Heavy metal sale Update

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Fri Aug 1 11:22:26 EDT 2014

There is perhaps a misconception as to WHAT a T-213 is.

A T-213 is the very latest version of the BC-610.

I almost every way, other than the porcelain terminals being removed and 
replaces with an SO-239, they are completely identical!

This one is S/N 65, Made by B&W, and is fully functional.

1) The T-213 went through Depot in '59.  Lon Cottingham and Robert Downs 
rescued it still in the crate.  It had been destined for disposal at sea.

2) It comes with all original issue cables.

I am open to the idea of "some" trading.

A clean R-390A that is fully functional will drop the asking by $800.

I would also apply the same to a clean and fully functional SP-600.

I am NOT leaving Amateur Radio!  I simply can no longer deal with the 
size and mass of these two beasts!

They are standing on a four wheeled moving man dollies, and those will 
go with them.

I have a substantial hand truck that handles 700lbs, and straps that 
take 400lbs a piece.

Those will be available to move them from the Den and out to your 
provided transport means.  However, these items won't go with.

One additional piece goes with this package, and it is one JB-70 that 
needs a top plate made for it, and requires rewiring just inside, as 
where it came from had an issue with rodents that decided that 
insulation was delicious!

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