[AMRadio] Getting back on AM

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Fri Aug 1 14:15:49 EDT 2014


I know to many, that this is heresy.  However, I acquired a Kenwood 
TS-2000 just completely re-manufactured by Kenwood.

It will do 25W on AM.  It will do this from 160m through 6m.

I will follow it with an Amp Supply LK-500ZB.  I already am more than 
aware of the issues of AM with SS in lieu of tubes!

It shouldn't take very long at all to get the mic gain issue under control!

I've been that path before.  I've done it with a DX-60 and with a 
Kenwood TS-930SAT.  The latter finally went toes up!

I can also tie my SP-600 into all this as a separate receiver.  It 
certainly must have better receiving sensitivity than the Kenwood.

I may or may not venture into 6m.  I don't know how that will fit into 
the antenna farm.

I am adding a 40m Double Bazooka to the morass of wires.

Masts from Max Gain are on order.  This will put everything up about 
15ft higher than I am now.

It will also allow for a flatter dipole setup in lieu of this sick 
inverted vee affair that I'm using now.

The final piece to connect the Kenwood to the Amplifier *just* arrived 
as I was composing this.

It is a package that allows these SS rigs to key Amps that use 
120VAC/VDC to safely key them without damage.

Now it is only a matter of wiring it all together, and solder one dumb 
wire in the amp that came loose from its relay, and button it all up.

Will be trying things out not long from now.

Catch y'all on the air!

Bob - N0DGN

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