[AMRadio] Getting back on AM

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Hi Jim,

Yes, you got that right.  I enjoy AM but enjoy it most when having QSOs with friends who are also AMers.  I also enjoy working and restoring old AM gear as much or more then getting on the air.  I really don't get much bang out of using my Yamamatics on CW, SSB, or AM.  I do use them, but there is nothing like using a tube rig glowing in the dark with all the transformers humming and relays clanking.  Like you,  I don't really care what the other guy is using as long as his signal is clean.  Bye the way,  I love the sound of your Globe King 500!

Lee, w0vt

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Operating AM is as more about fraternity than equipment.  I enjoy operating 
my GK 500 but have used modern equipment with an amplifier.  No one really 
cares what equipment you use, only the content of your conversation.  At 
least that is my feeling.

I hope to run across you on the air soon Bob.


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