[AMRadio] Kenwood TS-2000

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Mon Aug 11 15:31:08 EDT 2014


This is one heck of a fine radio!

I've been having a ball with it!

I've even gone on AM, fed it into my LK0500ZB.

Went on 40mtrs.  Had a riot!  I got to South of Chicago.

The static crashes were out of the world.  Yep, I indeed had the PRE on. 
  I wanted to HEAR!

The built-in brain filter works just fine!

I got it properly adjusted for AM use.  Anytime folks want to go AM with 
even the TS-930SAT, or this one, you really have to dial in the carrier 
vs. audio gain.  If you don't, it will sound crappy.

These little wonders are fun to play with, and I for one have been 
enjoying it immensely!

Bob - N0DGN

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