[AMRadio] Audio Limiter for AM HAM TX

pete zilliox pete at zilliox.net
Tue Aug 19 11:12:52 EDT 2014

Forgive this query if it’s been discussed many times before....I've looked
on ebaY (yeah I know) for a cost effective simple inexpensive audio chain
limiter to use with my Symetrix 528E voice processor that drives my EF
Johnson Desk KW AM transmitter.  I want to protect the very old Johnson
high level modulation transformer from over modulation.  I'm totally over
whelmed with way too many options on ebaY.  I am only looking for a single
channel limiting function in a reasonably priced box.  I currently use a
Nady active (vacuum tube pre-amp) broadcast mic to the 528E followed by a
Dorrough  Loudness meter in parallel to a line going to the W2IHY 600ohm/Hi
Impedance variable level control feeding the Ranger exciter.
 Recommendations for such an inline limiter, anyone?  Thanks Pete – K5PZ

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