[AMRadio] Headphones

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Aug 25 17:45:35 EDT 2014

I haven’t dinked with headphones since about 1958 until today.  If you have the volume up too high when you plug them in, you can injure your hearing.  And a set of cans will, over time, do the same.  A good friend and fellow ham passed away and I am trying to help his widow sell what he had.  I bet there were 10 sets of headphones and this afternoon I tried to pair them with any equipment so as to enhance the sale a bit.

It was when I picked up a set made by (for) Telex that a label caught my eye.  They had 8 ohms on the label so I looked at another pair made by another company and it said 16.  What is the deal, are all manufacturers making headphones for audio and the audio builders making outputs the same as speakers?  What ever happened to high impedance phones?

Is this common?  He had a Heil headset with mic so that makes me wonder the impedance of them.

Can anyone explain.


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