[AMRadio] Headphones

Harry Vaught, KT4AE kt4ae at bellsouth.net
Mon Aug 25 21:16:00 EDT 2014

I'm going to generalize, based on a small number of personal 
observations, that modern rigs have 8-16 ohm headphone outputs (TS-590, 
for instance) versus the higher stated impedances of vintage rigs. 
Interestingly, My later Hallicrafters have the headphone output taken 
from the 3.2 ohm tap of the output transformer while stating a 50-2000 
impedance for headphones.

I have a number of headphones which I use with ham gear, stereo or 
computers.  Most are 8 ohms and one is 260.  My only communication 
headphones are Kenwood HS-5's at 8 ohms.  It doesn't seem to matter what 
I plug into what except the Kenwoods are mono and the stereo phones need 
mono adapters for communication use.

For amateur radio, I use headphones all the time for a couple of 
reasons, chief among them is that I'm old and losing my hearing.  The 
isolation of headphones helps concentration and prevents distraction. 
They also let my wife know not to interrupt.

Harry, KT4AE
Watkinsville, Georgia

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