[AMRadio] Ceramic Capacitors

Bob w4wsz at embarqmail.com
Wed Aug 27 20:51:30 EDT 2014

I have an assortment of these caps..most are new... just old....one is new
in the box.

500 pf/20kv New in Box

(2) 25 mmf type 850S

50 pf/7.5kv

500 mmf/10kv

.001 mfd/10kv

500 mmf/20kv

375 pf/30kv

Plus 6 or 8 that the value has worn off due to age.  I would like to sell
all of them at a fair price (not the e-bay) price.


If you can use these, send me an e-mail......I am sure we can make a deal
that make us both happy.




w4wsz at embarqmail.com

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