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 Back in the 50s and 60s the then
 owner would accommodate hams who called him 
 on weekends for crystals, even on Sunday afternoons. 
 The strain runs deep.
 -----Original Message----- 
 + 10 for that Jim.
 I have met the owner several times and serviced his entire
 Really nice folks and definitely will accommodate everyone
 if at all 
 Highly recommended!
 David Harmon
 Sperry, OK
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 Hi Rob,
 I have purchased some exotic crystals from them as recently
 as two weeks 
 ago.  They bend over backward to provide what you’re
 looking for.  Case and 
 point.  I need 36mc hc49 fundamental AT cut
 crystals.  They agreed to make 
 them which is more that most will do for you.  Their
 common crystals cost 
 about $25.00.  I’ve tested the Chinese market and
 they are dirt cheap but 
 minimum orders are 1000 pcs and there is a terrible language
 barrier --- not 
 sure what you get will be right.
 Kindest regards Jim K9AXN
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I ordered a crystal from ICM within the last 6 months. It was an oscillator crystal for the 15 meter band in my Collins 75A2  receiver. It was, I think, 31mmhz and ICM knew what I needed and provided it. They made it and it took a couple of weeks or maybe a month to get it.   They were happy to make it and the price was reasonable as far as I was concerned. I paid for it with it with a credit card and they gladly shipped it to a friend in Pensacola, Florida who was working on my 75A2.

If I need a crystal made for a special purpose to Collins quality, I will order from ICM.  73, John, K5PGW   

 From: Rob Atkinson
 Sent: Saturday, December 13, 2014 5:53 PM
 To: Discussion of AM Radio in the Amateur Service
 Subject: Re: [AMRadio] Crystals
 1.  How recent is the ICM information folks are
 giving?  Did someone order a 
 few days ago, or is this information that's 5 years old?
 These days source information has a shelf life.
 2.  What kinds of crystals are we talking about? 
 I mean, if I want a REAL 
 rock, like a FT243 or bigger slab for say, 3880, will they
 supply that?  Or 
 are we only talking about skinny wafers that go on a PC
 tnx 73
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