[AMRadio] Crystals

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Dec 15 12:46:40 EST 2014

Don't know David.  I talked to them some time back and they didn't have the 
100 Kc crystal I wanted.  I do know they are a small family business and did 
return my call.  With these family run businesses it is entirely possible 
the owner/operator cannot perform as they  have in the past.

I am posting this to the reflector because of the following link.  Bliley is 
still in business and takes custom orders too.  Most of the manufacturers 
moved to specialty products but retain the capabilities to make what you 
want.  That is if you want to pay the price.



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Jim, have you called them??

I did and nothing but an answering machine.

At least a year or so, they were not supplying crystals.

What is their current status, I haven't a clue.

David Knepper - W3CRA/W3ST 

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