[AMRadio] ICM crystals

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 19:42:43 EST 2014

Here's my theory:  They are being horded, then when the hoarder goes
SK (and I am not casting stones--if I had a few good frequencies I'd
hoard them too) I expect the rocks seem so trivial and insignificant
that the spouse and/or children just toss them in the garbage.   It's
yet another case of, if you can't make head or tail of what the heck
the thing is, and you can't imagine a use for it, then out it goes.  I
bet a million FT243s are in landfills.


On Tue, Dec 16, 2014 at 3:23 PM, Ross Stenberg <k9cox at charter.net> wrote:
> Brian Carling bought all of them :^)
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> Something I have noticed the past few years is that at hamfests, crystals
> for amateur  frequencies are practically non-existent. Plenty of 3 MHz below
> 80m, 5 MHz and 8 MHz, but rarely anything for the ham bands.
> I wonder where they have all gone. Not that many hams run crystal controlled
> transmitters any more, and I can't see why someone would have bought them
> all up and hoarding them. Non-amateur frequencies are still plentiful.
> I used to see plenty of amateur  frequencies at flea markets, often sold for
> as little as a quarter each because no-one thought they were worth anything,
> since they wouldn't work in a modern rig. There couldn't be THAT  many
> antique radio enthusiasts around who would have a reason to  grab them all
> up. If hams simply tossed them out because they no longer had any use for
> them, why  didn't they toss out the non-amateur frequencies as well?
> Don k4kyv
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