[AMRadio] Help with Baur 707 transitter

Mark Foltarz Foltarz at rocketmail.com
Sun Dec 28 16:17:14 EST 2014

 This page will help you calculate your turns based on physical properties : Inductance Calculation

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| Inductance CalculationSingle-layer Coil Inductance and Q  |
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  Is the tank circuit coming off the 6ac7 parallel ?  What is the value of the capacitor ? Is it fixed or variable ?  Formulas for the resonant circuits http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LC_circuit#Series_LC_circuit

  Do you have an RF generator ?  If so you can wire that across your tuned circuit and use your oscilloscope as an indicator.  Impedance across a parallel tuned circuit will be high.Add turns till you get your resonance.
In lieu of the generator, does the manual indicate what should be the current through the 6ac7 while adjusting the coil ?  You could add turns till you get correct value.
At least you have the internet !
good luck

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Hello fellows,I really need someones help.  I am currently in central america in the country of Honduras working on a Bauer 707 transmitter for a Christian Radio Station.  The 707 was converted and was on 3.250 khz.  I am now putting it back on 1600 KHZ  
The  coil which links the 6ac7 drive to the final is a slug tinned ceramic  coil with about 1/2 inch diameter.  I need to know how many turns should be on this coil.In the manual all it gives me  the coil number It is a Miller 43A224CB1.  I need to know how many turns.  This coil is L5 of the schematic. I didn't bring my frequency counter do have a scope here but very limited on test equipment.Any ideas or help sure would be appreciated.  Don MooreW5FFK
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