[AMRadio] Bauer 707 Transformer Followup

Shane Autrey iam4thapack at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 2 14:40:49 EST 2014

    I think I have found a source of a replacement transformer. It is not an exact replacement in the dimensions/design. I was able to get Hammond to quote a custom normal open transformer with the same voltage specs as the original UTC CG-422. It will be based on the dimensions/form of their 300BX. I have found a person to rewind the 422 for almost $400. The new Hammond is 3 dB less than that so I will be going that route. I know it isn't original but will work just fine. I think I can facilitate mounting it in/near the original position in the transmitter. Thanks to you all for the leads/suggestions. I have made Bauer TX aware of this and we are working together so he has a source of these if needed in the future. I hope to have this beast on the air next year for AM season.


Shane KI4M

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