[AMRadio] DX 100 crystals

L L bahr pulsarxp at embarqmail.com
Wed Feb 12 20:09:11 EST 2014

You should wish those fake FT-243 crystals had HC-6 crystals in them.  However, they are much much smaller then a HC-6 in them. That's why they blow up and chirp like hell.
As for frequencies to buy, that depends on what part of the country you live in.  In Texas 7160 is a great rock to own and maybe 7290.
Lee, w0vt

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May not be what you want to hear but genuine FT243s are pretty hard to
find, especially for the desirable frequencies.  you can get fake
ones, HC6 rocks mounted in a FT243 holder but no-telling how they'll
hold up in the dx100.  I'd work on getting the rig's VFO or some other
oscillator source, stable and forget about the rocks.  Besides, you
want some flexibility.

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