[AMRadio] DX 100 crystals

Larry Szendrei ne1s at securespeed.us
Wed Feb 12 20:45:56 EST 2014

On 2/12/14 8:16 PM, Glenn Zemanek wrote:
> I should have mentioned that I am on the east coast in NY.
> 73
> Glenn
Hi Glenn,

Here are a list of the most active AM frequencies here in the Northeast:

160M: 1885, 1945 KHz, also to a lesser degree 1880 and 1890 KHz
80M: 3705 KHz
75M: 3875, 3880, 3885, 3945 KHz (also some good AM nets on 3835, 3837 KHz)
40M: 7185, 7290, 7295 KHz
20M: 14.286 MHz is the supposed "calling frequency," but I don't hear 
much (any) activity there any more when I bother to listen (or call CQ). 
There is often activity and sometimes a net on 14.330 MHz on Monday 
15M: 21.430 MHz (IIRC)
10M: 29.000 is the calling frequency but any xtal that will put you 
between 29.000 and 29.100 MHz is good. Probably between 29.000 and 
29.050 MHz would be best.

With all those frequencies, I agree a good, stable VFO is the best solution.

73, and I hope to run into you on the air,

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