[AMRadio] For Sale

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Feb 23 17:18:33 EST 2014

I have a rather scruffy looking NC 183D I would like to sell.  The power transformer burned out and a non standard version was installed before I got it but it gives the proper voltages.  There are  numerous scratches on the case and the chassis is dusty with some marks on it.  Someone had a small knob on the lid and that has been removed so there is a small hole there. 

The S Meter circuit has been changed.  This is an early version that the S Meter was driven by the B- supply but has been modified to the later version.   By making that change the 6J5 phase splitter was replaced with a 6SN7 so the AGC circuit was also modified to the later version.  This caused the S Meter to read backwards and I haven’t been able to find a proper meter for it but it gives a good indication.  I have replaced the electrolytic and screen by pass capacitors along with numerous resistors so it works fine.

The radio would look pretty good if the case was repainted and it operates fine.  I would ask $275 for it but you know the cost of shipping this radio.  I can meet you within an hour or so of Sulphur, OK for pickup.

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