[AMRadio] Ranger problem-No joy yet

Robert Sauvan rsauvan at beyondbb.com
Wed Jan 1 08:40:32 EST 2014

I cant thank everyone enough for the suggestions to my fix on the 
Ranger. I have gone through everyones suggestions with no success yet. 
All caps check out good, C86, C87, & C89. R39 is the variable resistor 
to set the keying and that shows to be working on the scope,but, it 
doesnt seem to be doing anything to affect the radio.What Im saying is 
by turning the shaft, it does not change the cutoff for the vfo. No 
change in the radio. Maybe this should be replaced despite the fact that 
I can see it working on the scope? I was having considerable difficulty 
getting the radio to reproduce the problem on the workbench. It would 
work just fine and when I put it back on the shack table it would act up 
right away. Now, of course, everyone is going to say, "something is 
different in the shack". My same thought, so I reproduced the same setup 
in the shack as I did on the workbench. Problem cropped up right away on 
the shack table. Took it back down to the workbench, problem wouldnt 
occur. Although I could get it to happen eventually. I even went so far 
as checking the voltage on my wall outlets to see if they were different 
and swapped the plug strips to make sure I was reproducing everything 
exactly. I was using a dummy load and took all antenna relays etc off 
line and bypassed.  So,  more troubleshooting today. This doesnt look to 
be an easy find.


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