[AMRadio] Tip of the Day - Paint Filler

David Knepper collinsradio at comcast.net
Fri Jan 3 05:17:20 EST 2014

Chuck Hurley, K1TLI,  who does a wonderful job restoring  E.F. Johnson equipment, passed on this tip to me on how to fill in scribe lines on knobs and engraving on panels.  He recommends purchasing from a  craft store – I got mine from Michaels – a tube of white artists’ acrylic paint.  You need to select the heavier consistency marked on the label that when applied resembles tooth paste.  The paint can be applied with one’s thumb.  The price for a tube was slightly under $10.  

I tried it on some Collins knobs and it works great.  The paint will “cure” or harden in less than an hour in which the excess can be wiped off with a slightly damp cloth.  You will have to experiment to get the best results.

Chuck’s  website is http://www.johnsonradioresto.com/
Contact information can be found on his website.

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