[AMRadio] Soft muting a BC348

CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 8 16:55:26 EST 2014

Most of the receivers I have use mute by opening the ground to the RF gain pot, a reason I'm not a fan of Hammarlund. It is easy to soft mute them with just a pot across the open ground.  The BC348 opens B+ to the converter, it would have been nice if the 'Test' button on the 375 keyed the TX without muting the RX.  Has anybody tried putting resistance  across the mute line to let the convertor work just a little bit so you can hear a sidetone?  I did not have a need to be able to monitor my transmitter signal, but I wanted to get my BC375/BC348 setup going for Straight Key Night and immediately ran into a freq netting problem.  I had no way to put the 375 on the freq the 348 was on without having to use another RX with a better dial to figure out where the signal of interest was, and then dialing in the 375 by using a freq. counter.  I even made a tuning chart for the TU5-B  on 160 meters finding that from 1800 to 1820, every 5 Khz was exactly 37 dial
 divisions apart, but still had no clue where a signal was on the receiver with it's poor dial divisions.  While just calling CQ is not a problem, answering one is. Anybody have an easy solution to zeroing the TX freq. in a situation like this?   You can be sure nobody tunes around looking for an answer to their CQ anymore, most have a fit if you are not dead zero beat.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC 

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