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Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed Jan 8 21:24:10 EST 2014

Can he still operate with general class privileges using his Conditional?

I don't recall what happened to the existing conditionals when they stopped
issuing them under incentive licensing, if they had to  re-test or if they
simply increased the required distance from an FCC testing site to qualify.
I do remember that the "buddy system" that was quite common in those days,
when a General class ham would give conditional class tests to his buddies,
and help them out on the test or let them use reference material. You
usually  could spot them a mile away by trying to bring up a technical
discussion with them over the air or in person. That's why the FCC curtailed
them. Under the old 75-mile limit, the majority of the territory in the US
qualified, although probably a smaller fraction of the population actually
lived in those rural  areas. You could qualify for conditional in
practically the entire state of Kentucky.


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My co-work Alan, WB5MEB is trying to get back active again. He has always
kept his license current but its a conditional license and he has never
applied to have it grandfatherd up to General. He needs a copy of a CALLBOOK
page showing the approximate date of his license.

I got WB5AIA in the fall of 1971 so we are thinkin 74 or 75 for his WB5MEB.

If any of  you have these old callbooks and could copy that entire page he
is on and mail it to me, or even better yet, scan it and email it to me I
would be eternally grateful.

Alan is retireing at the end of this year and wants to set up a vintage
station so he can operate AM. He is one of us.

73's and God bless



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