[AMRadio] Cable splitters for receivers

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Sat Jan 11 19:07:34 EST 2014

I would construct a panel made of single or double sided glass epoxy
board make it one or two rack units high and drill out a bunch of
holes for UHF jacks and mount as many as you need and screw it to a
rack.  Solder the center pins on the back side to each other with a
copper strap that has holes in it for the pin lugs.  the PC stock
copper foil will connect the shielded part.  Plug your 50 ohm feed
coming from your T/R switch into one jack.  Plug as many rx as you
need into the other jacks.  I'd think that would work FB.  If you
don't have a rack make a little rectangular board populated with as
many jacks as you need and mount it in a project box and drive on.



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