[AMRadio] Cable splitters for receivers

Brett Gazdzinski b.gaz at comcast.net
Sun Jan 12 21:25:05 EST 2014

I do not see it as a problem.

I use a splitter and run two receivers at the same time.
The homebrew, and the sdr-iq.

The audio is about the same on both receivers, the homebrew does a very 
little better on weak hard to copy signals.
The homebrew has an IF output that goes to the scope, so I can look at my 
and others modulation waveforms, the sdr-iq has a nice band scope so I can 
see open spots, someone off frequency, where the qrm is coming from, how 
wide my signal is, and other signals width.
I can also click the mouse and jump around, use the sync detector, and 
adjust the filters to whatever I want.
All I have to do is switch the audio between the two receivers.

I do not see much use to bridge two normal receivers together, other then to 
compare them.
Separate antenna's would allow some sort of diversity reception if you mixed 
the audio.

With the splitter, I get a slight loss of signal strength, but the receivers 
do not interact at all.

I also have a Peaberry V2 sdr, and tried to split, then split, to have 3 
receivers on one antenna, but I think that did impact the receive quality a 

I do not think it would be a good idea on higher frequencies.


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> This seems like a Big Problem that shouldn't be.    Why can't the
> person with the multiple receivers simply get an old B&W coax switch
> or mount a bunch of UHF jacks on a project box, add a single pole
> multi-throw rotary switch and wire it to switch a line to one of
> several UHF jacks.   How hard is it to switch the feed to the rx you
> want to use?
> 73
> Rob
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