[AMRadio] receiver input Z

C.L. Mitchell rsq14adam1 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 18 18:58:05 EST 2014

The HQ-170 manual says that it will match any antenna from 50 to 600 ohms.  And you are right, it is with the same coils; actually transformers for the 170.  They state that this is due to the antenna trimmer cap on the front panel.  Never have actually checked it, since to works okay with about anything I feed it.  Seems to be the same for most communications receivers.  


Mitch,  K9PNP

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> I always assumed that when using two receivers, one was using a 50 Ohm or 
> so antenna as well. Unless there is a very well designed and constructed 
> log periodic or some really strange fractle It is not going to be close. The 
> entire issue seems a little questionable as almost all receivers perform 
> well with just a 30 foot or more wire hung in a tree or what ever. I did 
> that for years with low power.
> In any case, I feel pretty good today and in spite of the cold here 10 F 
> will make a good effort to go out and measure the r390a, 74A4 and perhaps 
> the 75 A2 . will try both on and off. suspect it will be the same and the 
> electron cloud will have minimal effect. I believe both the A4 And A2 rxs 
> have a so called 300 Ohm balance pair that is just the same coil as the 50 
> Ohm. I am sure the HRO does also. Bernie W8RPW 
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