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TenTec "Scout" Accessories, Power Supplies, RF Speech
Processors, Digital Rotor Control, Communications
Speakers, Coaxial Antenna Switches, Noise Filter,
AC Line Voltage Meter, Low Pass TVI Filters, Bird
Wattmeter, and other miscellaneous accessories For Sale:

Accessories for TenTec 555 Scout For Sale:

All of these items are used with the TenTec Model 555
"Scout" HF transceiver.

Band modules for 80/75, 20, and 15 meters.
Band modules are $55 each.

TenTec 297 noise blanker for the 555 Scout
It works great on impulse / ignition type of noise.
Not as great on other kinds, such as static crashes. $75

TenTec hand microphone
It appears to be a model 701, but that info is not on the mic.
Four pin connector can be used on any of the TenTec rigs with
the 4 pin connector. Works fine and looks close to new.
With paper work for $30.

TenTec 715 RF Speech Processor:

The Model 715 RF Speech Processor is a high performance
true RF-type speech processor designed to operate with
most modern HF Amateur Radio transceivers. RF speech
processing is a superior system to traditional AF
systems found in a typical HF transceiver.

..Increase average SSB power output by up to 6 dB
..Enhance readability by stations hearing your signal
..Break pileups for DXpeditions faster
..Keep your net or contest run frequency clearer
..Easy to install, easy to operate

The 715 RF speech processor is installed between the
microphone and the microphone jack on your transceiver.
Two microphone inputs are provided -- an 8 pin microphone
connector wired for TenTec and Yaesu, and a 1/8” input
used for direct connection of microphones. 13 V DC required.

This particular unit works 100% and looks like new.
Paper work is included for $200.

TenTec 234 RF Speech Processor
The 234 is the predecessor to the 715 speech processor
(listed above) except it matches the early Omni Series
A, B, and C rigs, and others of that era.  It has both a
4 pin plug and a 1/4 inch stereo jack for input.  It needs
13 V DC at low current.  It is an extremely effective unit,
typically providing about a 6 db increase in talk power.
With paperwork for $150.

HyGain DCU-1 Deluxe Digital Rotor Control Box:

The innovative DCU-1 Pathfinder Digital Rotor control unit
gives you automatic operation of your brake and rotor. It
has computer control with RS-232 pass through and is compatible
with many logging and contest programs as well. It has 6 presets
for your favorite beam settings, 1 degree heading accuracy,
automatic 8-second brake delay, and 360 degree choice for
center of rotation. It operates at 110V.

The DCU-1 digital rotor control unit is compatible with the
T-2X, HAM-IV, and HAM-V families of rotators.

This unit works fine and looks fine as well.
Paper work is included for $450.

APC "Pro 7" Noise Filter and Surge Suppressor:

This unit has 7 outlets, with a 6 foot cord, and provides
surge suppressor for your equipment. It also provides
noise filtering / EMI / RFI suppression of 60 db. There
is $75,000 worth of insurance included. It comes with a
lifetime warranty, and I think this is APC's "Top of the
line" unit.

Detailed specs can be found at

This one appears to be new, unused, in its original box.
Only $18/

TenTec Switching Power Supply:

"Switcher / 25" 25 amp switching power supply:
This is a 25 amp switching power supply in a case that
matches the early Omni series case, with the metal bezel
around it. It is in a case that is the same size as a 243
remote VFO. It has an ammeter on the front, along with
Switch, TenTec logo, and output bulb. The front panel
basically looks like a 280 power supply with a metal bezel,
but says "Switcher/25" on it. It is very quiet, and well
shielded, and does not produce any electrical noise that
I could find. $140

Kepco Variable Bench Power Supply:

This is an ideal bench power supply! It is a Kepco Model ABC
40-0.5, which means that it will produce from zero up to 40 V
DC at up to 1/2 amp. Great for the bench.

The voltage is adjustable with a 10 turn pot from close to zero,
up to about 40 volts. There is a fairly large analog meter that
reads the voltage. There is also current limiting built in that
is adjustable from about 100 ma to up to about 700 ma. The same
meter that reads voltage can be switched to read current, or
short circuit current (the point that the current limit is set).
In addition, there are connections on the back to allow remote
sensing and remote programming. This is a quality regulated
power supply!

This particular unit works 100%, and looks extremely nice. $85

Low Pass TVI Filters:

A low pass TVI filter is added to the transmitter to reduce
harmonic interference. All have SO-239 connectors and are 50
ohm filters.

Johnson 250-20
This cylindrical low pass filter has a cut off frequency
of 45 MHz and 75 db of attenuation, and is adjustable.
Rated at 1000 Watts AM, or 5000 Watts PEP SSB.
The fact that it is adjustable, means you can get rid of
more TVI, and it is rated to handle higher power than most.
A real win-win situation. $30 or with mounting bracket, $35.

B & W 425 (same as FL-10/1500)
Cuts off just above 10 meters, and handles 1500 Watts.
Newer case style, $30.
Older, heavier copper style case, painted gray. $35

Para Dynamics PDC 1089
This filter is rated at a full Kilowatt, up to 30 MHz.
5 x 6 x 2 inch black box, instead of the long enclosure.

Coaxial Antenna Switches:

All work fine, look fine, and use SO-239 connectors.

B & W Model 550 A Coax Switch
This model will switch up to 5 antennas, and does NOT
ground unused antennas. Coax comes out the side, like
spokes of a wheel.
It will handle the full legal limit. $35

SCP Comm Switch SC-40-AS Coax Switch
Three position antenna switch in rectangular box.
Connectors on the back. In original box. May be new. $25

Two position "Strip Line" Coax Switches:

These switches utilize metal cavity construction for max efficiency
and high isolation. Isolation is better than 50 dB at 300 MHz
with low insertion loss less.
All are two position and are typically rated for 2500 W PEP,
and good to 600 MHz.

Diawa CS-201 - $22
Opek CX-201 - $22
MFJ 1702 C - With center position that grounds both antennas,
and added lightning protection. $25

Bird 43 Watt Meter:

The Bird 43 is an insertion type RF watt meter, designed
to measure RF power and load match in 50 ohm coaxial
transmission lines. It is intended for use with CW, AM,
FM, and TV modulation. It measures power from 100 mw
to 10KW, depending on the element used. The meter provides
direct readings in watts with an expanded scale for easy
reading. The scale is graduated for 25, 50, and 100 full
scale. Elements are available in a variety of power, and
frequency ranges.

This particular meter is model 4300.21 manufactured in
March 1957, so it is the older, well constructed model.
It has "N" connectors, with the leather handle, which
is in good shape.

The meter works well. $175

50 H Element for Bird Wattmeter
This measures 50 watts full scale over the HF spectrum
from 2 to 30 MHz. $65

Buy both of the above together for $225.

Communications Speakers:

Realistic 21-549 A
This speaker is about 4 inches square and about 2 inches
deep. It is rated for 5 watts, has an 8 ohm impedance, and
is listed as a 300 to 3000 Hz frequency response, making it
ideal for communications. It has a 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) mono
plug, as used by most modern rigs. Gimbal mount included.
It is black in color, looks great, and sounds great. $12

Vanco SPB-5
Appears to be the same at above, but with a Vanco label.
Also includes gimbal mount. $12

Vanco SPB-6
Similar to SPB-5 above, but is considered a noise
cancelling speaker. 10 Watt rating. Still in original
box, new. $18

Cables for CW keyers and keys:

Cable for paddles
About 3 feet long, and with a 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) stereo
connector on the end, like used by most rigs. $8
As above, but 1/4 inch plug. $8
As above, with GOLD 1/4 inch plug.  $15

Cable for straight key
About 3 feet long, with a mono 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) phone
plug on it, as used with a straight key. $5
As above, but 1/4 inch plug. $5

I also have many other accessories available such as many
different types of microphones, HTs, VHF and UHF rigs,
antennas, etc. Just too many things to list here.
Please e-mail your requests.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK at FLHam.net or W8EK at arrl.net
Voice Phone  (352) 732-8400

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