[AMRadio] US House Bill Requires HOAs comply with PRB-1

Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 17:38:06 EDT 2014

On Sat, Jul 5, 2014 at 2:40 PM, Eddy Swynar <deswynar at xplornet.ca> wrote:

> These insidious HOAs exist primarily because we were stupid enough to have
> agreed to them...

Precisely, Ed. It's difficult for anyone with half an ounce of common sense
to feel sorry for anyone who willingly signed away their rights. If you dig
a little bit, you'll find that it's usually more because the little lady
wanted to live in XYZ Housing development and husband said "yes, dear".
Perhaps a smart thing if he valued his marriage more than his hobby.

I don't for one second buy the argument that someone is a 'victim' because
they chose to become part of a HOA arrangement. I've heard the argument
over and over how 'some people have no choice, there's just nothing else
out there'. Hogwash.

When we moved here (NC) my wife was from Tampa and I was born & raised in
VT. I left my gov't job to come here in the interest of my wife pursuing
her career in education(her 4+ degrees trumps my education by a bit and I
wasn't terribly thrilled with the new age administration that came along in
late 2008 anyway). My wife's school is in north Raleigh and we were shown
homes in numerous developments nearby, all with HOA restrictions. We opted
to retain as many of our property rights as possible and instead purchased
a home 26 miles away, with 3 acres and zero restrictions.

When it comes to HOAs, convenience often times trumps common sense. That's
the moral of the story here. But to complain or actually *wish* for further
government intervention is foolish. Think of these HOAs as collecting areas
for the people who we don't want next door to us pissing and moaning about
our antennas, firearms, vehicles, or whatever else they don't like.

I'm fine with the courts deciding certain rights can't be signed away. I
have zero sympathy for someone who willingly signs their rights away then
cries about it after, especially since no one(other than a wife, perhaps)
is forcing them to. I'm no Einstein, and I managed to avoid the plethora of
HOAs and buy a decent home. Huh.

Don't like HOAs? Don't join one. Don't like plastic radios? Don't buy one.
Need the gov't to help you figure that out? Now *that* is sad.

Be careful what you wish for.

Happy July 4th weekend to those who can still think for themselves and live
with their choices. (o:

~ Todd/KAQ

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