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Jay Bromley jayw5jay at cox.net
Mon Jul 7 14:37:46 EDT 2014

Hi Rob and Don,
I think we are seeing just the culture changing.  I taught a technician
class just a year ago and we had the largest turn out ever and all got their
license.  I spent tons of time talking about antennas and more than one
evening on just "antennas".  I would always preach antenna, antenna,

Two things I noticed right off, gone are the ex-CBers, replaced by the storm
chaser want-ta-bees, the survivalists, and a few others had family members
they wanted to emulate that were now SK status.  

I had one gentleman in particular that agonized for weeks over getting his
first antenna up I the air!  I would go over to his QTH and say something
like you have such nice trees just hang up a doublet off them.  His reply
was, oh my wife would never allow me to do that or that would look ugly.  I
am not sure about the wife comment as she was in the class as well and got
her license too.  She was pushing and supporting him the whole way.  The
home they have is in a nice neighborhood and it is indeed a nice looking
place.  However to me I don't think a few wires in the tree tops would have
hurt anything!  Most of the time you get them high enough you never see

In his case he was looking for a single antenna that works all the bands and
is not that big.  One of those not so cheap do it all verticals, that have
horrible performance, he kept looking at and coming back to!  Some of the
class just didn't get all my preaching about the single most important thing
in a station is the antenna.  In the end, I got him to put up a simple 2
element Moxon.  He is working the world, but he doesn't have the experience
to know just how much money and grief I saved him.  So in the end, I am not
sure I did him any good.  I have seen guys quit the hobby over a POC antenna
and not making contacts, but did he really learn anything from me in the end
without the struggling for himself?  

I've even noticed myself changing on this, not the antennas per say, but
prefer to do my antenna hanging when folks are not at home.  As they walk by
they always look up, but no one has ever said a thing to me.  Still I just
heard the other day at another ham's home someone  asking if the outside
antenna was even legal and this was not in protected sub division!!

Just getting more land may not the solution either.  Just ask a few hams
that have tons of acreage that went to court over their antennas!  This
antenna thing is getting to be a real hassle even with the some of the folks
that have the land that wanted to put up some nice towers.  Now some
counties are having antenna ordinances added to their books.    

Just like so many things in our lives now, a few decades ago no one would
have cared or say anything!  A real shame IMHO.  Antennas are ham radio and
no ham should have to worry about what he does on his own land as long as it
is done in a safe manner!  73 de w5jay.. 

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From: Rob Atkinson <ranchorobbo at gmail.com>
Re: [AMRadio] US House Bill Requires HOAs comply with PRB-1

There's actually hams who LIKE HOAs.  I think that's another sign of a bogus
phoney ham right there.

There was some guy in Arizona who posted on eham.net that he liked HOAs.  I
checked out his QRZ page.  A shack of plastic radios and his antenna
is.....a teeny mobile screw driver whip antenna outside on the ground with a
bunch of radials


I agree wholeheartedly.  Another one to add to the original "Phony Operator"
list. Of course you have to keep in mind that some people don't have a sense
of humour.

Don k4kyv

PS: Here's the original list with the addition:


You say you are running 400 watts with your Valiant or DX-100.

You think a Johnson Kilowatt Matchbox is a 2.4 KW Tuner.

You refer to a DX 60 or a Yeasu FT 101-E as  a "Boat Anchor"

You refer to a rig like the Yaesu FT-901, Kenwood TS-820 or Drake TR-7 as
"vintage" or "antique".

You refer to one's name as the "first personal" or just "personal".

You end a QSO with "Seventy-Thirds" or just "Threes".

You try to break into an ongoing QSO by shouting "Contact".

You finish an AM transmission in a QSO that is NOT operating fast break-in,
and just drop the carrier with no prior warning like a callsign or saying
"over", "back to you", "go ahead", etc., leaving the other operator(s)
wondering if you lost power or your rig crapped out.

You pronounce QRZ.com as "CUE ARE ZEE" dot com"

You "laugh" on phone by saying "High High" or worse still, "Aitch Eye".

You tell someone with a strapping signal he is "wall to wall, treetop tall".

You refer to switching over to AM  as "Going to the AM side".

You "ratchet-jaw" instead of ragchewing.

You refer to a microphone with a built in preamp as a "Power Mic"

You try to whistle up your RF power level when running FM.

You insert "there" between every two or three words in your conversation.

You refer to the phone bands as the "SSB bands".

You refer to your home station as a "base station".

You call your transmitter or transceiver a "radio" instead of a "rig".

You believe the reflected power returns back to your final and makes the
tubes run red.

You refer to standing wave ratio as "SWRs" [plural] 

You use the word "dot" in decimal fractions instead of "point".

You call the UHF female jack on the back of your rig the "antenna port".

You report renewed sunspot activity when it is only sporadic E.

Your idea of calling CQ is to just say your call, then pause.

You use "QRZ?" in place of "CQ."

You test by uttering "audio, audio, aaaaaaudio".

You operate SSB using VOX, and make "aaaah" sounds between words to prevent
the rig from dropping out of transmit mode.

You transmit on AM using VOX.

You refer to every RF power amplifier as a "linear" regardless of Class A,
B, or C.

You pronounce linear "LEEN-YAR"

You use coax for your HF antenna feedline because you heard that open-wire
line radiates.

You think the ideal horizontal antenna is the G5RV, and the ideal 160m
vertical is 43 ft. tall.

**You are a ham but you like HOAs**

What others can you think of?

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