[AMRadio] Antenna issues.

Eddy Swynar deswynar at xplornet.ca
Mon Jul 7 17:02:36 EDT 2014

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>> Getting back to antennas, this is a great neighborhood overall.  Many folks
>> walk during the evening, it never fails they look at the antennas, but no
>> one really cares enough to ask what they are.  I often wonder what they are
>> thinking when they look, but know enough not to ask them!  :-)  73 de
>> w5jay/jay..

Hi Guys,

Some 33 years ago, we had just moved into our very first brand new home, smack dab in the middle of suburbia...

We had 2 mortgages on the place, so a tower & raised aluminum antennas were simply not in the equation---however, we deliberately chose the single lot on the street that had tall, mature willow & maple trees, to "...aid & abet" my wire creations.

Well, this one time, as I recall, it was a hot, sunny day, & I elected to throw an inverted "J" antenna into the trees for 160-meters: my method of choice for raising aerials back then was a stubby brown (and empty!) beer bottle, and my good throwing arm. To facilitate the wire's raising, I would first tie the end of a long binder's twine onto the neck of the bottle---this, I would then throw into some welcoming (and supporting) tree branches overhead. To facilitate the ease of the twine going up, I would run several circles of it onto the ground, away from the spool, in a spiderweb-like outline.

Well, here I was struggling to toss this beer bottle into the trees, and the darn twine would get all snagged in my legs on the way up. Why...? Because of our curious & playful young Siamese cat that we had at the time, named "Benji", who would do his utmost to chew the string, roll around in it, etc. etc. Between frustrated efforts at keeping Benji at bay, and getting off a clean throw, I noticed that a car had pulled up into the driveway of the young couple who lived across the street---but I paid it little mind. However, after yet another frustrated toss---and with twine all around both me & Benji, who was having an absolute ball---I stopped for a breath, and happened to glance across the street...

There, much to my amazement (and bemusement!), the couple visiting my neighbours, and the neighbours there themselves, had all assembled folding lawn chairs, and lined them up curb-side, taking-in the show that was unfolding before them, and drinking beer! I could only imagine what they all must have thought: "Just look at that crazy young coot across the street, throwing that beer bottle into the trees & wrestling with his cat like that!" 

The stuff memories are made of.

Still, nobody complained, they all enjoyed the show, Benji had the time of his life, & I ended-up with a superlative suburban sky-hook for Topband that garnered me 48 States and all continents save for Asia, that first winter season...and best of all, not a single covenant in sight!

~73~ de Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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