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Jay Bromley jayw5jay at cox.net
Mon Jul 7 17:40:20 EDT 2014

Hi Darrell,
Nah you are as real a ham and one that I respect very much!  Remember I have
seen some of your work!!  :-)

The antenna issue is very real to me and my XYL Kathy.  Five years ago she
took a job there at the VA.  We been trying our best to move to the
Fayetteville area for five years now, trying to find a place that is less a
1/2 hour from her work.

Our main hang up in moving is the antenna issue.  Every area in the US is
different, but up there in NWA it is getting hard to find any place to hang
even a simple wire.  The new places that will certainly have HOAs they don't
have mature trees to do you much good in height or cover.  So you are very
exposed on those places and most will tell you up front, NO towers at all
will be considered.  Even the larger lots with the older homes have some
sort of covenants.  However I always look and consider a simple doublet if
there is good trees on the older homes.

We even look at nearby countryside and towns.  We have land all over the
place, but none of it near there.  Now the grandkids are coming complicating
the issue of staying here in the area.  So for 10 years or more I've been
pretty much in tower and antenna limbo.

Forty years ago when I was first a Johnny Novice we never gave putting up an
antenna and or towers a second thought.  Since looking for now for 5 years
for a suitable place to live, while operating my ham station in peace, has
not been a good experience.  Some how the general public and even some hams
don't consider how important the antenna is to the station.  

Another reason I think it is getting hard to grow the hobby.  Most are not
going to be so dedicated to consider where they live as part of their hobby!
Now I cringe at the thought of some counties in the US now attacking
antennas and towers.

BTW, I did grow up as both an amateur op and CB guy!  It was in the early
70s when I was 12 years young, hi.  I still enjoy seeing an old CB tube rigs
that are pretty much POC!  Like the Sonar, Demco's, etc.  Just reminds me of
a better time, much like the older ham tube gear.  I would love to start
converting the old CB rigs to other ham bands, like 10m and 6m.  If I could
get the locals interested in those or the cake pan rigs for a nice intercom
system on the higher bands

Darrell I wish we lived closer so I could see your latest projects that
always looks like factory jewels!  To me you are and will always be a Ham's

73 de jay/w5jay..  

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Good to hear from you. 

I have a 40 meter dipole up 60' in the oak trees.  Forty meters is the only
band I have any interest in. I didn't need permission to put it up. 

As you know, I run KW-1 and Viking 500 transmitters. I use several homebrew
receivers. I've built more equipment in the past five years than most people
on this list will build in a lifetime. I've been licensed almost 50 years
and have never operated CB radio. But, all of that aside, I guess I'm not a
real ham. 


> On Jul 7, 2014, at 2:23 PM, "Jay Bromley" <jayw5jay at cox.net> wrote:
> Darrell sorry I forget your antenna system, did they allow you to put 
> up a tower there?  What did you have to do for permission?

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