[AMRadio] Antenna issues.

Randall Berry randyn3lrx at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 21:30:48 EDT 2014

  I'm in an apartment and may have to secretly string a wire to the 
trees. I've got my slingshot and fishing reel ready, but I keep 
pondering the idea of asking the office first and hope they say yes, or 
just do it. I'd really hate to get evicted for putting up an antenna 

  I'm pretty sure I can get an end fed out there and not make any 
noticeable changes to their building. Which I could see their concern, 
but I'd only need a small hook attached to the wall of my balcony. I see 
some have flower hangars attached to their wall, so why can't I hang a 
wire? Then at least I can get on the air with a couple watts. I don't 
think I can run a full gallon in my situation I'll have to turn the 
carrier down quite a bit. Maybe test the waters with 100 watts and 
gradually move up to 200 watts and go from there..

  I'm pretty sure most of the neighbors have cable TV so I shouldn't 
have too many problems with RFI, just the occasional talking toaster. 
I'm not even sure there is much problems anymore now that the telly is 
digital. It's not like the old analog NTSC days anymore. Is there still 
an issue? I guess there's always a chance of getting into the audio 
amplifier and modulating that, but I don't know about their over the air 

  I miss my house in Maryland. I had a little ole shack on 11 acres with 
the permission from the landlord to do whatever I wanted. It's a shame I 
didn't have a transmitter at the time, but I had a few wires in the 
trees. A 160m horizontal L and a full 75m dipole..

73 de Randy, N3LRX

On 07/07/2014 08:32 PM, Rob Atkinson wrote:
> Jay, did I hear you on 10 meter CW yesterday?
> I use a sling shot and lead fishing weight.  I get out in the street
> in front of the house at daybreak on Sunday mornings when there is no
> traffic and shoot nylon filament over the tree in the front yard to
> use in pulling up dacron and a marine pulley.   Of course the pulley
> holds a rope with one end on a counterweight and the other end going
> to one end insulator on the 80 m. dipole.   My neighbor told me he
> thought my 75 m. vertical was a flag pole.   One day his wife asked me
> how I got that rope up over the tree.  They had company that weekend
> and the visitors were curious.  They thought I climbed the tree!  It
> is a thick dense pine tree.  I explained my trick with the slingshot.
> To them it was clever but to me it was just regular ham procedure.
> 73
> Rob
> K5UJ
> On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 4:51 PM, Jay Bromley <jayw5jay at cox.net> wrote:
>> Great story Eddy!  I use an air cannon sometimes here for antenna line
>> launching and it draws quite a bit of attention.  The dogs go nuts over the
>> sound.  So even though johnny law hasn't paid me a visit for my weapon, I
>> try to use it will the traffic is lite.  My HyperDog launcher is quieter,
>> but the rubber has went bad on those!
>> Again in the old days as kids we wouldn't have gave this a second thought.
>> I guess I am becoming an old fart that doesn't want any attention drawn to
>> me!
>> 73 de w5jay/jay..

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