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Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Tue Jul 8 00:16:42 EDT 2014

> From: "Jay Bromley" <jayw5jay at cox.net>

> The antenna issue is very real to me and my XYL Kathy.  Five years 
> ago she
> took a job there at the VA.  We been trying our best to move to the
> Fayetteville area for five years now, trying to find a place that is 
> less a 1/2 hour from her work.
> Our main hang up in moving is the antenna issue.  Every area in the 
> US is
> different, but up there in NWA it is getting hard to find any place 
> to hang
> even a simple wire.  The new places that will certainly have HOAs they 
> don't
> have mature trees to do you much good in height or cover.  So you 
> are very
> exposed on those places and most will tell you up front, NO towers 
> at all
> will be considered.  Even the larger lots with the older homes 
> have some
> sort of covenants.  However I always look and consider a 
> simple doublet if
> there is good trees on the older homes.
> Forty years ago when I was first a Johnny Novice we never gave 
> putting up an
> antenna and or towers a second thought.  Since looking for now for 
> 5 years
> for a suitable place to live, while operating my ham station in 
> peace, has
> not been a good experience.  Some how the general public and even 
> some hams
> don't consider how important the antenna is to the station.
> Now I cringe at the thought of some counties in the US now attacking
> antennas and towers.

> 73 de jay/w5jay..

Isn't it sad that we are right now celebrating the 4th of July, the 
birthday of what is still touted as the freest nation on earth, yet 
people are increasingly afraid to string a piece of wire between trees 
on their own property let alone erect a mast or tower, and even rural 
counties are now enacting anti-antenna ordnances? Those are the kinds of 
things we were told back in the 50s happened only in places like the 
Soviet Union, and that was the reason why we should be thankful that we 
live in the USA. I suspect there are many other well developed countries 
in the world where one can still put up an antenna without any hassle. 
In France, for example, there is a specific "antenna rights" law that 
extends to renters as well as property owners: 

I live out in the country on 100 acres, and it's nobody's damned 
business what kind of tower I put up as long as it is within FAA safety 
standards, and certainly nobody else's business if I decide to string a 
wire between two trees. Anyone would have to be illegally trespassing on 
my property to even know what kind of antennas I have, except for my 
tower which is widely visible off my property, so they better not try to 
f##k with me. The tower has been up for over 33 years, so it would be 
"grandfathered" in place, no matter what kind of ridiculous "ordinance" 
someone tries to pass after the fact.

And it's not just things like antennas and towers. This mentality is now 
permeating every aspect of our lives. A few days ago my wife
took me out to a nice restaurant to celebrate my 72nd birthday, and the 
server had the audacity to tell me I couldn't be served a glass of wine 
with my meal if I didn't produce a paper ID card to prove to a kid a 
third my age that I'm at least 21 years of age! Hell, I was probably 21 
y.o. before that kid's mother was born. But most people just take this 
kind of crap for grated no matter how outrageous it might be and accept 
it without a second thought, let alone making an issue out of it, so it 
just keeps on  getting worse. Those of us who do make an issue of these 
things and proclaim our displeasure are derided and in venues like 
certain web sites, have our threads locked and messages deleted because 
we are troublemakers, AKA "trolls".

Something especially disconcerting about HOA rules is the universal 
prohibition on antennas that seems to automatically exist everywhere by 
default, without any stated explanation to justify restricting the 
property owner's rights, yet it appears all but impossible to have this 
nonsense repealed or even modified for individual cases. HOAs should be 
like other "associations" and limited to facilitating property owners to 
collectively lobby for agreed-on issues and to put pressure on local 
authorities to enforce duly enacted laws that are actually on the books. 
It is outrageous that these petty dictatorships are given police power 
to create and enforce their own rules and the power to foreclose on 
property of owners who refuse  to comply.

One more thing. When replying to someone's post on this forum, PLEASE BE 

Don k4kyv

Don Mk

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