[AMRadio] Antenna Issues

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 06:47:31 EDT 2014

A big part of the problem is a notion people have, that antennas will
devalue their property.  Many people mistakenly sink 90% of their net
worth in their property, then freak out over any little thing in their
neighborhoods because they think whatever it is, will lower their
property value.  There are a few things wrong with that picture.
Firstly, the idea that antennas will lower property values has no
factual basis at all and is an entirely subjective judgement.
Secondly, folks who put most of their net worth in one product are
investing poorly.   If you went to them and suggested they have almost
all of their investment exposure in one stock they'd tell you that is
unwise, yet they think nothing about doing just that with their
property.  Then, the poor ham in the neighborhood who is minding his
own business is blamed, and made to suffer for their own investment
incompetence, because to them, a tower is ugly, therefore it MUST
lower their property value because if they think it is ugly, surely
100% of all people will think the same.

A lot of the anti-antenna reaction is knee jerk and psychological.
The sudden change to the landscape precipitates a reaction, as does
the chopping down of tall trees, or any other sudden change.  But
check back in a few weeks and people have stopped thinking about it
because they've adjusted to the change.   The other big part of the
issue is control.  People find some security in being able to control
what others do nearby even if it conflicts with the rights of property

This social trend accelerates as people become more distant from over
the air radio and television.  A lot of the hams with outdoor antennas
who are not in unincorporated rural areas have them only because they
are grandfathered where they are, so the problem is actually worse
than it appears to be because new hams can't get started, except with
unacceptable antennas.

A "stealth" antenna, an outdoor screwdriver vertical, attic dipole,
wire hidden under roof gutters, and so on are simply not acceptable
antennas.  The laws of physics make this a fact that can't be
disputed, and I stand by that statement.   While there are odd HOA
exceptions or hams who claim to be satisfied with their hidden stealth
antenna, that doesn't change the general fact that a fully exposed
full sized antenna is necessary for a satisfactory HF (and AM)
operating experience.

This is why it is very important that hams contact their congressional
representatives and ask them to co-sponsor HR 4969.



On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 11:16 PM, Donald Chester <k4kyv at charter.net> wrote:

> Isn't it sad that we are right now celebrating the 4th of July, the birthday
> of what is still touted as the freest nation on earth, yet people are
> increasingly afraid to string a piece of wire between trees on their own
> property let alone erect a mast or tower, and even rural counties are now
> enacting anti-antenna ordnances? Those are the kinds of things we were told
> back in the 50s happened only in places like the Soviet Union, and that was
> the reason why we should be thankful that we live in the USA. I suspect
> there are many other well developed countries in the world where one can
> still put up an antenna without any hassle. In France, for example, there is
> a specific "antenna rights" law that extends to renters as well as property
> owners: http://www.enrique-depannage.com/droit_antenne/

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