[AMRadio] Antenna issues.

K5MYJ macklinbob at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 10:40:57 EDT 2014

In the late 60's, early 70's I live in an apartment where a HF antenna was 
not possible. But I was able to work 2M AM on a coaxial dipole hung from the 
second floor rain gutter. It worked well for local activity.

2M AM is now HISTORY and it seems most 2M FM activity is on the repeaters.

What does a modern ham start with? The cheapest solution is a 2M FM 

There are no HF transceivers (that I know of) available under $500.

In THE OLD DAYS we would start with a GC receiver and a HB transmitter. We 
learned our CW that way. As time went on we would upgrade the receiver and 
the transmitter as funds would allow.

That method of getting started does not seem possible anymore for NEWBIES.

I started with  S-38 ( the original with a REAL BFO) and a HB 6AG7/807 
transmitter from a mid 50's handbook.

Is HF radio in decline? I don't see much HF activity here in Seattle except 
on contest days. And I use the Reverse Beacons to monitor CW activity. But 
they don't work well for AM or SSB.

I'm not the only one in this area that does not see much activity. And I do 
have some decent receivers.

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa.
"Real Radios Glow In The Dark"
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> On Jul 7, 2014, at 9:30 PM, Randall Berry wrote:
>> I'm in an apartment and may have to secretly string a wire to the trees. 
>> I've got my slingshot and fishing reel ready, but I keep pondering the 
>> idea of asking the office first and hope they say yes, or just do it. I'd 
>> really hate to get evicted for putting up an antenna though.
> The Apartment I lived in would not allow ANYTHING like an antenna on the 
> Outside, so I strung up a G5RV in the Attic as well as a 2 Meter - 440 MHz 
> J-Pole. In the Weekends when the land lady was not around, I would shoot a 
> line up into a pig Pine Tree and hoist up my 6 Meter Slim Jim.
> 73,
> Kevin Raper
> There is no limitation to the fidelity of AM radio. From a mathematical 
> standpoint, AM does better in frequency response than FM. - Leonard Kahn
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