[AMRadio] Vailant output

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Tue Jul 8 11:54:42 EDT 2014

Remember that when these transmitters we made power was defined as input to 
the final, not RF output. And if you had 100W input you would be lucky to 
get 60W output.

Are you sure you have enough grid drive on 160 and 80?

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa.
"Real Radios Glow In The Dark"
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> Ok guys,
>  I first need to once again thank Dan WB5AFY  for  sending me the
> Bandswitch i needed for my Valiant.  He sent it N/C  including shipping. 
> Everyone
> please applaud this fine Amateur  for whom the fraternity should be so 
> proud
> of.
> Afterwoods, I placed an ad here mentioning that i had parts  for the 
> Viking
> two which i am parting out and was able to help a happy ham with  the top
> cabinet cover, n/c.     I have other Viking two  parts,  So if anyone has
> needs send me an email.
> Next, I wonder if anyone can assist me with the Valiant i am  working on.
> The Bandswitch transplant went perfect and the Valiant  is now working on
> all bands again .   The question is , the power  output varies 
> considerably
> from band to band.  The transmitter is  feeding a Cantenna, so  its 50 
> ohms
> on all bands.   Is this a  normal condition?   I think not.
> On 40 i  get easily the 150 watts output but on 75  and 160 i get 100 
> watts
> , all at the recommended 330 mills plate current.  Would it be that the
> taps on the Final tank coil are not  soldered in the right place???. 
> Any
> Ideas??
> P.S.   On 160 and 75  i can  get the 150 watts but the plate current is 
> way
> high.
>                                                    Chet brown, Wb2ahk
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