[AMRadio] Antenna issues.

Kevin Raper kj4hyd at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 12:35:37 EDT 2014

On Jul 8, 2014, at 12:09 PM, Randall Berry wrote:

> For entry level yes, especially when you can buy a Baofeng HT for $35 on amazon. High band activity here sucks.. The local 2 m, 1.25 m, and the 70 cm repeaters lay quiet unless there is a net. Then you're lucky to hear 5 people check in (often less).

Our local 2 meter repeater has a huge coverage area since it is on WYFF TV's tower about 2000 feet above average terrain. It stays very busy 24/7, in fact some nights they have a hard time clearing it for the BRARS Net.

I will have to admit I do like my Beofeng HTs. I got my first one because I would cry a lot less if the Beofeng got killed while out in the Woods than I would if my $500 Kenwood was killed, but the Stupid Beofeng will hit repeaters that the Kenwood will NOT!

When all of my Ham stuff burned up in a House Fire, I just replaced with all Beofengs.

Kevin Raper

There is no limitation to the fidelity of AM radio. From a mathematical standpoint, AM does better in frequency response than FM. - Leonard Kahn

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