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Tue Jul 8 15:03:03 EDT 2014

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From: Rob Atkinson <ranchorobbo at gmail.com>

>>>>A "stealth" antenna, an outdoor screwdriver vertical, attic dipole, wire
hidden under roof gutters, and so on are simply not acceptable antennas.
The laws of physics make this a fact that can't be
disputed, and I stand by that statement.   While there are odd HOA
exceptions or hams who claim to be satisfied with their hidden stealth
antenna, that doesn't change the general fact that a fully exposed full
sized antenna is necessary for a satisfactory HF (and AM) operating

This is why it is very important that hams contact their congressional
representatives and ask them to co-sponsor HR 4969. 

K5UJ >>>>>

And as you once pointed out already, the mainstream ham rags like QST, CQ
and the Handbook are not doing the ham community any favour by bombarding us
non-stop with editorials and articles touting the wonders of "stealth"
antennas, without conspicuously pointing out their limitations.

If a tower or antenna case goes to court and the ham tries to invoke PRB-1
or if a ham tries to reach a settlement with the HOA, all the anti-antenna
people have to  do is bring a stack of these articles to the hearing as
proof that one can "communicate" satisfactorily with a  compromise antenna,
which would fall within the realm of "reasonable accommodation" and
therefore the proposed structure is un-necessary.

Don k4kyv

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