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Reality though.? The best antenna is the one you can put up.?? A lot of use, even with out HOA's and angry neighbors live in small city lots, getting that 3 element 40 meter yagi a half wave high is a might unreasonable. 

If I can get a random wire up in a few trees, maybe a dipole on the ridgeline of the roof, well, that's a compromise, the compromise being I use a crappy antenna, or never get on the air. 

Certainly build the best quality, real type antenna you can. but all antenna installations are compromises.? You just have to find a compromise you can live with.

73 es Good Luck



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A compromised antenna will give you a compromised signal!!! 
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I will have to echo Don's excellent summation. 
Nothing will ever beat a well constructed, and adequately spaced away  
from the shack and any interfering structures. 
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