[AMRadio] Antennas

Harry Vaught, KT4AE kt4ae at bellsouth.net
Wed Jul 9 15:35:02 EDT 2014

Not to keep this going but back in the last century my mother took me to 
meet an old friend of hers from the Atlanta & West Point Railroad (RIP). 
  John Fowler, W4ELO was living in a ground floor unit in Baptist Towers 
in Atlanta.  Luckily for him, one of the board members was also an old 
A&WP alumnus.  He was allowed to put a 20 meter dipole on the roof and 
drop coax down to his room.  He had a small, old Ten-Tec transceiver and 
a bug.  He only operated 20M CW.

He was still sharp in his eighties but went SK not long after.

Harry, KT4AE
Watkinsville, Georgia

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